National History

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Not so long ago, three men wanted to become leaders of their college. Unhappy with what campus organizations had to offer, they started their own. Soon, three men turned into seven. From one campus, they spread to many. Today, their legacy continues across the country.

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, leaders by choice.

Over the past century, Pi Kappa Phi has spread to more than 150 campuses and reached out to thousands of members across the country each sharing in our core values of Character, Leadership, Achievement, Scholarship and Service.

In keeping with those values, Pi Kappa Phi strives to offer chances for personal growth—with leadership conferences, scholarships and service opportunities traveling the country to meet new people and help others.

Pi Kappa Phi is the only fraternity to own and operate its own service organization, Push America. Push America strives to build leaders of tomorrow by supporting people with disabilities today. Each year, Pi Kapps across the country help raise over $1,000,000 for Push America while at the same time volunteering in their communities and helping raise awareness for people with disabilities. Annual national events include: Journey of hope, a cross country cycling trip and Build America, a construction program to help make places more accessible to everyone. Through Push America, Pi Kapps have an opportunity to touch the lives of others and be a hero and a friend to someone they otherwise never would have met.

So whether you're thinking about joining a fraternity—or maybe starting a new one—Pi Kappa Phi can help you become something more. The Fraternity can help you grow as an individual, having the experiences of a lifetime with people you'll never forget.

The decision of a lifetime awaits you.

If you make the choice to be a leader, the men of Pi Kappa Phi welcome you.