Local History

In the spirit of the words of Will Allen Dromgoole in The Bridge Builder, the first river that was spanned in our history was done so by the men of Eta Lambda chapter on December 10, 2008.  The Brothers from Eta Lambda chapter made their way up to RIT on Founders’ Day to make a presentation to two hundred plus people to gain support for an expansion effort here at RIT .  That spring, leadership consultant Curt Herzog came to RIT and began the interview process. 

On April 2, 2009 an information session was hosted by Curt.  Those in attendance were potential brothers; this is where they learned about Pi Kappa Phi and how it differs from all fraternities.  This info session showed everyone the kind of passion and drive that Pi Kappa Phi can create in its members.  During the second week of the spring quarter Curt held interviews and extended bid cards.

April 9, 2009 was when the first pre-initiation ceremony was held, where approximately twenty men entered into associate brotherhood status.  This is when the RIT Associate Chapter officially colonized.  On April 14, 2009 the first Tuesday chapter meeting was held at 9pm. 

On August 5th, Dr. Jake Noel-Storr was installed as academic advisor.  With this installation came great news: Dr. Noel-Storr informed the chapter that even in its associate status, our GPA was the highest in the Greek community.  On August 7th, the design for the unity letters was finalized for the twenty five strong of the associate chapter at RIT.  Before the return to RIT for the academic year, some of the members gathered together and camped at the Letchworth State Park.  This was a weekend that built many bonds of brotherhood.

The fall quarter was one of the most productive that the associate chapter saw. Fall Rush week was filled with many outdoor activities, including a sports day and BBQ.  The third Pre-Initiation for the associate chapter brought in eleven new members on September 25, 2009.  With recruitment thick in the air, the members decided to attend the sorority bid day. 

November 7th 2009 held the Constitution and Bylaws retreat which resulted in the ratification of all documents.  This was the beginning of the true operation of the chapter.  On the same day, under the new legislation there was the fourth Pre-Initiation ceremony in which six new members joined.

In celebration of the national founding of the fraternity the members of the associate chapter braved the first Rochester winter storm on December 10, 2009, to come together for a pasta dinner which was prepared by a few members. On December 13, 2009 the final Pre-Initiation of the founding class was held, and five members were added. 

January 13th 2010 brought about the first alumni initiate receiving an invitation to join.  The first alumni initiate was decided to be Dr. Jake Noel-Storr.  Also joining the ranks of alumni initiates were Dave McCloskey, an interpreter at RIT, and Michael McCall, a brother's father known for supporting the chapter from afar.

Finally, after a year long sprint towards our goal, the Theta Psi chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was chartered on March 13th 2010.  The milestone was celebrated over a banquet held in the CIMS nuilding of RIT with mothers, fathers, volunteers, alumni and the brothers' dates.

After the Founding Father intiation  Theta Psi brought another 7 members in for Alpha Class in the Spring. Going into our first full year, the following Fall we picked up another 11 members for Beta class and the growth only continues in the next Spring with 10 new members joining for Gamma class. Going into our second year Theta Psi recrutied  another 13 members for delta class and has an associate class of 12 for its first Winter recruitment.

Since our time colonizng Theta Psi has maintained 9 consecutive quarters of #1 fraternity GPA. Additionally, Theta Psi in 3 years has generated over $24,000 and 1500 hours of commmunity service. Because of our exemplary performance in the first 3 years of existance Theta Psi was a announced as a finalist and later won a house on RIT's greek row.


Over time Theta Psi has received a number of awards:

Pi Kappa Phi - Champion Master Chapter 2010

Pi Kappa Phi - Champion Master Chapter 2011

Pi Kappa Phi - Champion Master Chapter 2012

Silver Star award from Push America

RIT Highest Fraternity GPA - 2009

RIT Highest Fraternity GPA - 2010

RIT Highest Fraternity GPA - 2011

RIT Highest Fraternity GPA - 2012